Found scammers? Contact us

Nowadays, scammers live all the time, especially on the Internet. Their favorite place is dating sites, where you can profitably play on the feelings of a lonely person. Everyone can circle around a finger, professionals in this matter try to learn more about their victim, and then take advantage of their weaknesses.

If you notice a suspicious profile, then you do not need to stay away. Contact us right away so we can check the profile. Perhaps this person wrote not only to you, and he is trying to deceive several people at once. Turning to our dating service, you will protect not only yourself, but also others. “Fake” photos or their complete absence, the desire to find out as much as possible about the victim, obsessive questions and a perfect match in all respects may hint to scammers. For example, if you like fried ice cream, then he will love it, and so on.

Beware of them, do not give card details, do not send money and do not give expensive gifts. Tell us, and together with you we can overcome this evil and clear the bride agency of such people.

We ourselves try to check each questionnaire, but due to the large flow it is quite problematic, so your cooperation will benefit not only us, but also you.